adriana  sá
trans-disciplinary   music


chick civilization Here are some creations intended to stay at home, and yet, to be seen. I photographed them around 2009-11. First, a set of twenty-four miniature sculptures with super-powers. I imagined that those powers can be ignited through twenty-four different musical phrases - the ones of Emotional Object. And second, a site-specific painting started around 2011. It continues to spead and change, with time, at home.
site-specific painting

One by one, the chick-creatures embodied wire skeletons and modeling material.

Each has developed a super-power triggered by a certain emotional state. These potentially chaotic talents were early conditioned by intensive psychic training: a chick must evoke a certain music to enter her super-powered emotion.

Perishable as all matter, the chicks build their history accumulating dust and scars.

Will their life-time be as short as their size?...

equiflux by a. sa passlove by a. sa
renewblood by a. sa illy by a. sa
medusalina ioggy
mamaflor mousy
dragonfly butterflya
flameley octopina
singer snakegoat
federneck vertebrina
flamewing toughbat
climby speedia
earthy spikeback
spikears acceptia


our jungle lives with a solar powered fountain and two guardians on the wall

:) trompe l'oil... left:) trompe l'oil... right

the cycle of life as a wingmale wing

male wing

the handle on the varandoor asks you a riddle to get in
open varandoor
varandoor - the handel

a creature awaits

handle inside


it awakes on the bathroom door when you answer the riddle
the issue
ESCOLHER = to choose
ABRIR = to open
FECHAR = to close
ESPREITAR = to peep